TAKE ACTION: Contact City Council Before They Vote In June!

Mayor Jim Kenney has set his budget. If passed by the City Council the budget will increase property taxes for Philadelphia voters by 4.1% These taxes will hurt hardworking Philadelphians that are already struggling to find affordable housing. On top of that, property assessments are already going up by an average of 11%. Tax increases on top of assessment increases? Philadelphians are going to get a double whammy.

If passed, Mayor Kenney’s increases will be the fifth tax hike in 10 years. Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars are unaccounted for in the City’s main bank account. Struggling families will, once again, bear the burden of poor government spending. Without accountability, taxes in Philly will continue to rise and tax relief will be pushed further back. Another tax increase is just not fair.

“Philadelphia home assessments make dramatic jump, taxes to follow” - 6abc Action News, 4/10/18 “Search Continues For Tens Of Millions In Missing Philadelphia Taxpayer Money” - CBS Philly, 5/07/18 “If Mayor Kenney’s budget passes, Philly spending will have risen $600 million in three years” - The Inquirer, 03/12/2018

EMAIL OR CALL City Council Below!

Email your Councilmember now and let them know you don’t want another tax increase!

Call your Councilmember

Darrell L. Clarke
Council President
District 5
(215) 686-3442

Mark Squilla
District 1
(215) 686-3458

Kenyatta Johnson
District 2
(215) 686-3412

Jannie Blackwell
District 3
(215) 686-3418

Curtis Jones, Jr.
District 4
(215) 686-3416

Bobby Henon
District 6
(215) 686-3444

Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez
District 7
(215) 686-3448

Cindy Bass
District 8
(215) 686-3424

Cherelle Parker
District 9
(215) 686-3454

Brian J. O’Neill
District 10
(215) 686-3422

Councilmembers At-Large

Blondell Reynolds Brown
(215) 686-3438

Allan Domb
(215) 686-3414

Derek Green
(215) 686-3450

William K. Greenlee
(215) 686-3446

Helen Gym
(215) 686-3420

David Oh
(215) 686-3452

Al Taubenberger
(215) 686-3440

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